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I once read this Buddhist perspective of how we are linked to the people we meet in our lives based on how we interacted in our past lives. The story etched deep in my mind and I finally have a prose for it.

Lifeless her body washed
Out from the deep sea waves
Bare and cold and ravaged
She had met a terrible fate

Along he came and saw her
And was moved by her plight
A strange deep sadness that flooded
His whole being and might

He had nothing on his back
To shield her and protect
So swiftly away he ran
In search of silken rags

While he was gone another came
A similar pity he felt
He took his shirt off his shoulders
And wrapped her gently around

Then dug him in the earth
And placed her finally at rest
Then went off on his way
The encounter ended at last

Some of us are the young maiden
In this life to repay our debts
Some of us that young lad who buried her
The other halves we would have met

What about that first young man
Who might have firstly saved us
They are the ones we are meant for
Yet sometimes slips right past.


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I just want to rip my heart out right now
Don’t I need that heart
Take it, to you I give it
But promise me you won’t
Let it break anymore.

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In every piece of his furnishings
Were echoes of her ecstasy.

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Daily Prompt: Lukewarm

Safe and sound
Save me from the
Middle ground.

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Keep thy vigil for
Salvation is nigh
Yet defiant the flesh
Screams and tears
His wings awry.


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Sky, Sea and Company

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Daily Prompt: Craft

Like art to the craftsman
As we are to life.

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