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A Reflection Apart

He is her soulful dreams
She is his beating heart
They would be perfect, but
A reflection apart.

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Daily Prompt: Jiggle

“Hold these for me,” she said breathlessly, as she thrusted her passport and boarding pass into his hands. He waited patiently as she fumbled with the stiff zipper of her purse before it reluctantly opened.

“I want to give you something.”

“You’ve already given me lots of things.”

Dipping her fingers into the open slit, her brows furrowed. Then with a jiggle and a clink, her expression softened into a smile as she brought out a shiny coin. Retrieving her items, she placed the coin firmly in his now-empty palm.

“Here’s our fifty-cent coin. Now you have to come over to spend it.”

“Oh wow!”

She grinned as he gaped and looked down into his palm, then looked up at her.

“I will.”

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