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Daily Prompt: Reprieve

She stepped into the cool
Darkness of her reprieve, leaving
The lights off and everything else
At the door, retreating an escape
From her wild unruly thoughts
Into the comforting envelope of
Intoxicating space.

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A Phone’s Death

For once, my phone’s death
Brought soothing relief in a
Forced silent reprieve.

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That silence shall gag
All wayward thoughts
Killed before they speak;
To be composed
As I’m thought to be;

No, I’m not that strong
Yet silence gags and speaks.

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Industrial Silence

Industrial silence
Against echoes of my feet;
Reversed roles indeed.

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Daily Prompt: A Source of Knowing

Let’s talk about a silence
That’s calm and still instead
One that you hear
In the quiet afternoon
Against the rustling of leaves
By the wild teasing wind
And the sudden chirps of
Animated conversation
Of a few feathered friends
A silence that reaches out
To touch the core of being
It sparks a knowing
Of something far greater
And wiser than one
Can comprehend.


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