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Some time on my hands
And the morning to myself
Makes for timely recalibration
Of internal things that dwell

With personal values set, of
Focus, steadfastness and passion
Anchoring my state of mind
Seems the next logical progression

To hone these values in the fire of life
And be who I am meant to be
Against all trying tribulations and trials
To be who I am called to be.

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No, I Will Not

No, I will not
Lay down to bleed and die
Nor will I go off
Gently into the night

I know I am but human
So perfectly flawed
Shot down easily, a
Casualty of life’s war

Yet, I’d like to think
My beliefs are good
My falls forgiven
My passions true

So I’ll run the race
On stony paths awry
That when I arrive
I will see the light.

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Our roots, like those of
Trees, keep us grounded firmly
So we can stand strong.


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