Daily Prompt: Release Me

Hm. How about ALL the posts I was nervous to publish?

I have been writing for many years; first they were pensive poems I thought up on long bus rides to and from university, which then evolved to include professional jobs I did for clients as a freelance copywriter. While the copywriting work gets showcased on another portfolio blog, I was very hesitant to put my personal writings out for public viewing because (i) I didn’t think they were good enough, (ii) I thought they were too personal to be out for show, and (iii) I was not ready to be shot down by critics (see “The point is…” section).

As I grew older and more mature (I hope), I realised that the only way to improve more and challenge myself further is to be in touch with other writers; to accept criticisms and compliments alike graciously and to attempt other genres I have never tried writing before.

So I selected those of my personal pieces that I thought would be a good fit here and uploaded them all (if you checked you’d notice I’ve backdated my entries, all the way back to 1997 😀 ).

Still keeping my fingers crossed that readers would go easy on this narcissistic scribbler.


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17 responses to “Daily Prompt: Release Me

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  4. alienorajt

    Good for you! Well done! Honesty in writing is best, in my opinion! Alienora


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