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Pruning Trees

This has been on my mind for a while now, since I saw the tree outside my apartment undergo some major pruning. I had felt sad, but I guess there’s more to rejoice.

“What’s going on?” I cried, rushing out into the garden.

He had a ladder against a tree and was at the topmost rung, perched and holding a saw, gazing up into the leafy arms. On the ground lay several piles of leaf-sprouting branches.

He saw me standing arms akimbo below and waved down at me, yelling, “I’m pruning the trees!”

“But why? They looked so beautiful with their crowns of green,” I pouted. “Now they look all ugly and bare!” I looked at the stumps of nothing against the bright blue skies and felt upset all over again.

“I feel like the trees have wasted all their efforts growing themselves out.”

“Yeah I know; they were glorious weren’t they?”

He came down from the ladder and stood beside me, looking up at the stumps too. “But pruning has way more benefits that outweigh this temporary ugliness.”

“Well yeah… I suppose…”

He glanced over at me sulking and laughed.

“Well, pruning helps to remove deadwood that hampers trees from growing to their best potential, and also helps to shape them and redirect their growth.”

He leaned the saw gently against the tree, then continued, gazing kindly at me.

“When they grow better, and in the right directions, they become healthier. At the same time, risks from falling branches are reduced while yield or quality of flowers and fruits are increased.”

“Yeah… I suppose you are right,” I replied grudgingly.

“That’s what you can look forward to. But it will take some time.” He patted me on the shoulder and winked. “But I assure you, it will be a magnificent sight to behold.”

And so I wait, for that magnificence to unfold.

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Translated from a beautiful Buddhist saying I read.

The distance between
Life and death is but a breath
Between ignorance and wisdom
But a thought.

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Books & Beers

Never judge a book by its cover;
Never rate a beer by its colour.


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Anchors & Defines

Having recently been requested to voice a specific message for motivational purposes, so I have been inspired.

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Run Away

Run away with wisdom
Pick up a little strength
Come back to me with passion
And in these arms you’ll rest.

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Daily Prompt: Measure

The true measure of
A man is by the depth and
Wisdom of his soul.


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Love is:

Someone asked me my definition of love the other day; I’d given an off-the-cuff reply but then realized I had never really thought about what it is to me – I just feel what I think is love. So I delved and got these below. I may not be adept in every aspect yet, but surely I’ll get better with every step.

Love is:

Inexplicable attraction and
Enduring commitment
It is acceptance without judgment
That breathes life and renews hope

It is a listening ear, a protective embrace
A tempered temperament of trust, faith and grace
It remains steadfast amidst despair
And guides us out from darkness’ lair

Love gives without reason
It wants nothing to its name
Except perhaps a greater wisdom
In higher places it will bring.

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