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Daily Prompt: Lust

I want you to pull me into you
Urgently, your lips crashing against
Mine, fevered and desirous
They part to let you in –
Hot and wet, alive and furious
My senses mingle with the
Scent of you, primal and predatory
I want to be your prey.



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Daily Prompt: Deprive

What would I give to
Wake to the morning sun upon
The landscape of your skin;
Or steal a glance from pretend work
To see you absorbed in
What you are doing; better yet
Wait for you at the end of the day
Get a beer and then take the
Last train, and we’d watch the
Lonely night fly by while
I rest my head on your chest and
Hold you tight, and you’d run your
Fingers through my hair and smile.

What would I give.


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