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Aurora-like skies
Ethereal the sunset flight
On Pegasus’ wings.



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Wine & Friendship

A friendly poetry challenge
Appeared with a similar theme
So here’s the previous post
Re-formed in poetry. 🙂

He was seated at the table
Glass of wine in his hand
Sultry was the afternoon
Some summer breezes fan

The town bustle and chatter
Filled the air in his wait
Till he looked up as he heard
Her voice – “Sorry I’m late!”

He set his glass down, as she
Arrived at his table
A smile on his lips
“I’m glad you were able.”

“Well I kept my promise
To meet you today.”
He took a sip from his glass
His eyes not leaving her face

She reached for her own
Lips curled in a wicked smile
“Amici e vino sono meglio vecchi.”
Made him guffaw a while

“Are you saying that I’m old?”
He winked and took a sip
“I’m saying we get better with age
Like fine wine and friendship.”


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Collage

Saturday morning markets
Crates produces stacks
Make a quick delving glimpse
But tells more than that.


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The city wakes to
Its idyllic hustle, in
Ever its lithe grace.

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Daily Prompt: Passport

For our minds are our
Passports in this spectacular
Adventure we call life.


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Photo Challenge: The Road Taken

He stares out to sea, a
Paper boat he clasps
Wondering how fragile
To sail it, like his heart
Across the waters wild.

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When The Lights Are Down

When lights are down and stars are out, the morrow begins where Love is found.

(Photo location: Sint Jacobskerk, Vlissingen, The Netherlands)


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