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天长地久 • Timeless

Solvil et Titus once ran a series of commercials featuring renowned Hong Kong stars, moving storylines and that unforgettable tagline, which I suspect, greatly influenced the way I love. Here’s my translated take on it and my favourite commercial from the series.

Not for love timeless
But having once loved.

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Daily Prompt: Ancient

To have found and be
Found our souls might have been lost
Countless of lifetimes.


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Daily Prompt: Playful

I’d like to make us breakfast
When the sun’s already high
And you’ll creep up with a hug
And a twinkle in your eye

I’d gasp in surprise to turn
As I drop the eggs in pan
Your arms around my waist
It’s strawberries in your breath

We must of course then linger
A little longer, me in your arms
Where moments are always timeless
And time forever young.


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