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Across The Rift – An Excerpt

Today I’d like to feature an excerpt from a piece of writing done by one of my students Rayner L., with beautiful descriptions and rich imagery. We welcome all constructive feedback and comments 🙂

The waves crept towards his feet, caressing his toes gently as they retreated from the shoreline, rolling back into the depths of the sea. The waves repeated, it was a cycle. The water glistened a vast canvas of blue, ranging from light aquamarine to a shade of azure, all the way to a dark turquoise, ending with a deep navy blue at the deepest end of the brine.

He took a deep breath, taking in the paradise that surrounded him. The scent of the sea breeze wafted in the air as the strong wind forced itself against him. He could see the oak wood planks sprinkled with sand making up the footpath that would not wade out further than shallow waters. He could see the coconut trees standing tall beside him, their leaves fanned out and their stems curved like whips, juicy coconuts hanging by threads. He could see the emerald green trees in the distance, on the other side of the shore, a place he had yet to have ventured to. He could see his lonely straw hut, built on blood, sweat and tears.

For as long as he could recall, this was all he had to call home. Despite that, he wanted more than anything to leave this sandbox, to explore the vast forest across the sea, to climb the sturdy trees, to feel the green grass on the other side. He was only divided by a rift, the cerulean body of water that separated him and his search for a better tomorrow. But he vowed to bridge the gap, to one day, set sail.


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Daily Prompt: Five Items

The necessary necessities
For lone island stranding
Must surely be –

Firstly, a smart little fling-knife
To snag some fish and fruit
Chunks of firewood for warmth
A handy wield for safety

Next, a cloning machine
For replicating items
Food, clothing and materials
For subsistence sustenance

How about a rock gun
To make for me a shelter
From huge smooth boulders
A simple abode in the wilderness

Of course, a digital journal
Would record all discoveries
On daily isle excursions
Diligently as I speak

And lastly, a vivid imagination
That creates and conjures
For needs of a hungry writer
With all the time she needs!


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