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Welcome Back

Today I did it –
Pulled the plug (just for a while)
For some much-needed
Attention on the writings
That matter.

Does it matter, if I
Pulled the plug (just for a while)
I’m not sure, but for that
Sense of time in space
Perhaps, maybe, so.

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Daily Prompt: Treat

It’s sort of like
Working hard the whole day
Getting home all tired and
Opening the door to

Lovely peace.


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Waves On Shores

These waves that
One day shall bring me
Home on your shores.​

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Daily Prompt: Me Time

The ideal Saturday morning is
Beautiful, sunny and bright
A gutsy morning breeze
Caresses in the morning light

Idyllic, leisurely and slow
That time just ebbs and flows
Wake up, yawn and stretch
Then flop back again in bed

When I’m finally ready to rise
I’ll pull on his favourite shirt
Barefooted on parquet tiles
Traipse quietly to the kitchen

Some milk and toast and honey
Probably a dash of coffee or two
Simple pleasures make my Saturday
And any other day too.


February 28, 2015 · 21:52