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The Wait

Today’s been a longest day
As I crawled into my bed
Enveloped within the sheets
But I need your arms instead

My love, I am so weary
And my spirits are out cold
Won’t you come and lay with me
Breathe life back in my soul

How near away thou art
Yet further than furthest is
How long more should I wait
Till your presence I won’t miss

Send me now some comfort
In these our darkest times
For our love is true for ever
So I am yours and you are mine.


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Sane Night

My thoughts are soft
Yet sleep doesn’t come
The mind is empty but
Full at once
What madness lies ahead
This sane still night
But before all that
A quick prose I write.

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Daily Prompt: Fright Night (Yikes!)

I’ll be frank – I hate that feeling of being scared.

Not by pranks or bugs or shocking news (those are waaaaay trivial compared to the real horror of horrors), but more a case of visual imagery enhanced by a vivid imagination that refuses to let them go.

Friends and family can never understand why I refuse to watch horror movies, always reassuring me that it’s all ‘fake and created by graphical softwares’ etc etc.

I mean I know all that, I know it’s not real. It’s just a very serious case of leaving a really deep impression on Mr Grey Matter.

Just what happens in my brain when I catch sight of a horrific/scary/gruesome/eerie scene? I imagine it goes something like this:

  1. The image gets super-speed transmission from my eyes to panel-like receptacles in my brain via super-speed optic nerves.
  2. The Oh-Crap-It’s-Horror alarm sounds! All nerves hooked up with the panels are woken in a disheveled frenzy.
  3. Upset and frustrated, these nerves quickly send distress signals to my body like (i) shivers down my spine, (ii) bringing my hands up to cover my eyes, and (iii) being frozen to the spot.
  4. Because of the trauma inflicted on these nerves, they cause a huge system crash to the image panels that results in a perpetual display of said image till system can be reformatted with some bright morning sunshine and tons of work.
  5. In the meantime, all I can do is lie wide-eyed and sleepless while the man snores and slumbers like nobody’s business beside me.

So may I sleep with the lights on tonight please?


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