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April Landscape Photo Challenge: Bridge

To join what is separated –
One side from another
One people from another
One perspective from another –
Is perhaps what this thing
We are in together is.

(Photograph Location: Singapore)

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Found this little fella on the ground two Sundays ago and spent a glorious week together. Fly strong, and remember my windows are always open.

I’ll remember these
Quiet afternoons, precious
Warm snuggles of ours.


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Aurora-like skies
Ethereal the sunset flight
On Pegasus’ wings.


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Delta

Observe hues changing
Across the skies, in our lives
Nature thus refined.

via Constant — Sojourn By Words


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He stops, mid-activity and
Contemplates, wise like a shaman
Profound mysteries of nature.

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We are each
A collection of moments of
Brilliance, like photographs;
Captured, frozen screenshots in
Time, that after the moment’s
Passed, it remains
Etched and ingrained in our
Photo books of life.

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Everred – Destination III (Excerpt)

The teenager in front of her gave her a warm smile. She smiled faintly in return. The train was just pulling away and the trees were beginning to move.

“I love photography.”

“I’m sure you do.”

She was not in the mood for conversation, but the girl did not seem to notice it.

“I’m really proud of the pictures I can make.”

She smiled again.

“One day, I will conquer the world.”

She froze at those words, then looked at the girl, who looked her back squarely in the eye. Slowly, a smile crept to her face and she nodded at her, who smiled in return. As they regarded each other resolutely, she took out her phone and made a call.


“I’ll put them up for the exposition.”

And I will take you, everywhere.

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Jubilant in Triumph

Wishing everyone a very beautiful Christmas and an inspiring year ahead.

Christmas eCard 2013 (Awl Scribe)

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