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A Reflection Apart

He is her soulful dreams
She is his beating heart
They would be perfect, but
A reflection apart.


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Perfect Night

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Daily Prompt: Perfection

Perfection is –
The crossover from
Night to day, the precarious
Balance of a raindrop
Then falling away;
The juicy crunch of
A red ripe apple, the chimes
Resounding from old
Forgotten temples;
A meeting that transcends
Distance and time, perfect
Completion in a world
Without rhyme.


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Daily Prompt: All It’s Cracked Up to Be

Happened quite a few times and the roller-coaster rush of emotion change always gives me a high.

When things fall in place
By the skin of the moment’s teeth
The saving grace it receives
That changes its fate
And anxiety, that
Wearisome feeling
In a lightning blink
Morphs into
Delightful glee.


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