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Rochor Centre

They throng here, enthusiastic
With their cameras and phones
Making pictures, instaworthy, of
These colours before they disappear
Each shot a moment gone
In the moment of the shot itself
Until the last of these memories
Are taken, away.

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Nostalgia in a Bowl

She loosened the rubbery red string that went around the air-bloated plastic bag, then gently tugged at the loop on top, fastened in the old-fashioned way that allowed the package to be opened with one strategic pull. Immediately the string came alive and untwined itself, and that familiar smell from childhood wafted into the air.

Carefully, she poured the contents onto a shallow bowl and like always, they sat in that ingot shape that she used to see almost every morning as a child. She lingered at the sight for a while, then using a pair of chopsticks, slowly mixed the noodles, chye sim, char siew, green chilli and sauce together.

It looked and tasted like the noodles she used to have, sitting beside Grandpa. Grandpa was the one who gave her the first taste of kopi-o, freshly brewed by Grandma early every morning and kept hot in the flask to last everyone the whole day. She liked the mingled taste of black coffee and sauced noodles, a sort of savoury sweet taste tinged with the aroma of roasted coffee.

The noodles were firm and soaked with the savoury chillied sauce, while the char siew was soft and moist. The lacklustre chye sim was as how they always looked after being cooped up in heat. All were complemented by the crunchy vinegary green chilli slices.

What better cuisine shall one desire than that which stirs up nostalgic memories of innocent yesteryears?

wantan mee

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