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Daily Prompt: Revisionist History

He laughed at her embarrassment, but continued his rendition of that popular song, loudly and unabashedly. She squirmed and blushed, aware of nothing except the amused looks of the service staff. He abruptly stopped and turned towards her innocently.

“Well you told me to sing right?”

“But I-” she began, slightly annoyed, and was cut off by another round of vocalization. 

As they walked out the store, she turned to him in exasperated incredulity. “Do you alway do that in public? That was so embarrassing!” 

He grinned wickedly, then belted another tune, operatic style. Peeved, she decided to ignore him and stroded off briskly.

Suddenly, a body of warm flesh crashed sidelong into her and she gasped, stumbling on her heels, almost falling. In the same instance, she felt a hand wrapping itself around her waist, pulling her back to equilibrium.

She turned and glowered at him laughing at the look on her face. Yet a strange feeling stirred in her chest, a sort of delicious warmth that is both subtle and indescribable at once.

“So we’re done,” she said, relieved that they had accomplished what they needed to do for the day. “Yep,” he grinned. 

“Well, I’ll have to get going,” she said as they neared the carpark.

“Shall I send you back?”

She smiled and said, “Nah it’s fine; won’t wanna take up any more of your life.”

So they parted ways that evening. And everything was just fine.

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