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Daily Prompt: Collaboration

Dedicated to all musician friends whom I have worked and will be working with 🙂

You would drape melodies
Upon my words, or
I could adorn proses
Upon thy compositions –
Either way, ways for
Befitting fitting collaboration!


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A Hit!

I would be words to
The melody of you and
We could be a hit!

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The Climax

“I would love to watch you pleasured while pleasuring me.”

“I would start slow and build it up more and harder.”

“Make me moan with sheer pleasure at the highest point.”

“You are a bad bad girl, but I will show you my best performance.”

“Tell me all your deep dark dirty fantasies about it all.”

“I will. My music never stops.”

When writer and musician spar innuendoes. 😉


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He is still for a moment
Before the moment on stage
His time is this near
He’s poised to engage;
I would stand amidst the crowd
To quietly meet his gaze
For his adrenalin I feel
Coursing through my veins.
(Photograph courtesy of Joseph Black.)

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(Photograph courtesy of Caerus.)

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A collaboration of like minds, a paradigm shift in perspective.

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When he takes up his
Instrument and begins to play
The air starts to change
As the sounds reverberate;

His voice tells a story that
Penetrates the darkest souls
Bring them to their knees and weep
For sweet redemption close.

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(Picture: Tom Ward and his guitar)

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Everred – Epilogue (Excerpt)

Intense, her memories
Unwavering, his feelings
Their worlds that meet
Yet pass, colliding.

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Everred – Destination II (Excerpt)

Flustered, she got up hurriedly and rushed to the washroom. Pushing the door open, she went straight to the sink, turning on the tap to feel the cool dampness on her hands before pressing them against her face. Her heart was pounding as thoughts ran through her head.

Is this who he is, what he is now? Has it come down to just this?

She heard the door open. Bending over the sink, she pretended to wash her hands as the visitor walked towards one of the stalls and entered it.

Silencing the faucet to look back up into the mirror, he stared broodingly at his own reflection. Just then, the door behind him opened and she emerged.

Their eyes met.

She walked towards him slowly, her eyes not once leaving his face. Arriving at his side, she turned the faucet back on and washed her hands as he watched. Turning it off, she turned towards him in the same instance he turned to face her. Reaching out, his fingers traced down the side of her face.

“I will never leave you alone.”

She drew closer into him, until she could feel his breath on her lips. Leaning forward, she pressed them lightly against his, feeling the pressure of his mouth on hers, intensifying with a sense of urgency as he pulled her into his arms. She could taste his breath in her mouth as his hands travelled down the material of her blouse, blood pounding in her ears.

Suddenly, she grew aware of his forcefulness and the air became stifling. In the same instance, he tore himself away from her, sending her reeling towards the sink. Gasping in shock, she caught hold of it and looked up into the mirror.

He was gone.

But the girl looking back at her had bloodshot eyes and mascara streaks running down her face. Trembling, she took out her make-up and began reapplying it.

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