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The weight of the world
May only be borne by those
Who deeply feel it.

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“So What Are You Wearing?” MBTI

Since I’ve been on a ball with MBTI lately, here’s something I compiled with an INTJ friend:

“So what are you wearing?” Scene Dialogue

INTJ: My skin.

ENFJ: Mmmm sexy.

INFP: Aww cute!

INTP: With a red bow tie you’d be more spiffy, trust me.

ENFP: Awesome dude! What time? Will there be food? Is James coming? It’s gonna be great!

ESTJ: ‘Ere, what happened to that blemish I saw the last time?

ESFP: I think he used body balm from xxxx. It was on discount and it’s valid till month end. We should get some! I got some on my arms and legs i need to get rid of them.. What scent do yall think I should get?

ISFJ: How are we going to get there? Don’t forget to lock your house, be nice, I hope Roger isn’t coming, I hope Tina will be ok on the way there.

ISTJ: Who knows the way? I need the map now! Or directions? Whose car? Park where?

ISFP: And I absolutely ADORE cupcakes!

INFJ: You are not going with him, be careful of Jessie and don’t drink too much.

ENTP: Yeah, you always do and we all end up having to send you home first.

ISTP: Yeah and then I can’t have the fun I look forward to.

ESTP: No WE can’t have the fun WE look forward to.

ESFJ: Ooh I love your outfit! Is it cashmere?!

ENTJ: Alright let’s MOVE IT!

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