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Just Another Afternoon

She opened her eyes, then remembered. Quickly she took a shower, then carefully picked out an outfit for that afternoon. It would be important to leave a good impression.

It wasn’t difficult to locate the apartment where he lives; the lady had given her both the address and directions impeccably. As she approached the building, her phone sounded a notification.

“He is waiting for you in his room.”

The lift doors opened, revealing a darkened hallway towards his apartment unit and a sense of tensed expectance. Stepping out, she silenced her phone knowingly; any disruption would not be tolerated, as it has always been with them.

The maid opened the door and eyed her suspiciously, then let her in and showed her to the door to his room. A tingly sensation crept into her stomach; she has done this so many times, yet nervousness always prevailed.

It’ll be over soon.

She held her breath, then knocked carefully before turning the doorknob.

And there he was.

At his desk, looking up at her the instance she saw him. He smiled. She returned the smile and walked to him. He rose from his seat as she approached.

“Shall we begin?”


It seemed so formal, yet what would always transpire afterwards required her to expend herself, for all that she knew, and all that she could do for him. For them. For a few hours. For sometimes, more.

As she got ready to leave, he informed her the money was in the envelope on the desk. She picked up the envelope and pulled open the crisp white triangle to count the notes inside. It was as agreed. He sent her out and walked her to the door, then gave her a slight smile as the door slid itself shut.

While she was walking away from the apartment block, another message resounded.

“How was it – did he like you?”

“Yeah… I suppose.”

“So you’ll be seeing him again?”

“Yeah. Saturday, and Sunday too.”

It was just another session, teaching another new student, on another afternoon.

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