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Sort of.😆

Writing is like jizzing;
When it comes it
Explodes uncontrollably
Torrential gushes of glory
Till orgasmic waves subside
With the last drop of poetry.


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A collaboration of like minds, a paradigm shift in perspective.

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Life is a marathon
With obstacles in place
Push on towards the finishing line
Hear the music, watch the
Banners fly, victorious at
The end of the race.

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The Guitarplayer

Inspired while bantering with guitarist in question, which message I would say is an extension of the original.
The Guitarplayer (Awl Scribe)
(Photograph courtesy of Joseph Black. Original quote: The Godfather)

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Sane Night

My thoughts are soft
Yet sleep doesn’t come
The mind is empty but
Full at once
What madness lies ahead
This sane still night
But before all that
A quick prose I write.

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Daily Prompt: Simply the Best

I suspect that I think best
In the most unlikely places;

Summoned back to my senses
While drifting into slumber
Only to frantically scribble
Those precious words ‘fore I forget

Or perched precariously
In the bathroom
And ideas and thoughts seem to
Flood in as trash floods out

Of course, on the commuters’ tube
And I’d whip out my mobile device
Quickly jot down my muses
Before they vanish out of sight.

PS: Today’s prompt was written at the table proper. 😉


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