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Been A While

She arrived at the gate as she always did; pressing the doorbell, she waited.

The sky was a deep blue and the stars were just beginning to illuminate the vast stretch. It had just rained. She always loved the smell of after rain.

With a creak, the gates opened and as she stepped in, she caught sight of him.

He was standing at the doorway, waiting for her, as he always did.

“Hey, it’s been a while,” she smiled at him as she approached him and he grinned. He always looked better when he smiled.

As she walked through the doorway, he stepped a little away, then closed the door behind her before following close by. Sitting down, she lowered her haversack onto the chair beside her.

“Do you want anything to drink?”

He was standing at the entrance to the kitchen, an enquiring look on his face.

“Vodka on the rocks?”

She laughed at his look of puzzlement before he realised almost immediately afterwards.

“Sorry, don’t have that.”

Those familiar laughing eyes.

“I’m good; you just get what you want.”

She smiled as he disappeared into the kitchen. He soon reappeared with a glass of his favourite drink – not whisky, for the evening was still young.

Settling down beside her, he tipped some of the contents of his glass into his mouth, then set the glass back on the table, examining it thoughtfully for a while.

“Shall we start?”

She was a little surprised at his forthrightness but acceded. After all, it was what they were there for.

“Sure… maybe a little warm-up first, before we go any further.”

He was staring at her with those eyes, from a face that would have appeared cold and aloof, if he did not have that slight smile at the corners of his mouth.

As they eased in, he fumbled a little with its nuances. He’s unsure about it, she remembered thinking. Gently, she guided him deftly while keeping the ambience relaxed. He was in a good mood and she made him laugh more than usual, as he did her. Taking turns, they delved deeper and deeper, one after another, sometimes together, pleasurable moments in which she discovered more what he was capable of each time. She loved the depths he could reach, that none of the others has ever match yet. No one, but him.

In one of their reprieves, she found him in deep thought. Grinning to herself, she quietly took out her phone and pointed its camera at him as he stared out, lost in his thoughts. Suddenly, he realised what she was doing. As his mouth upturned into a smile, he reached out to snatch her phone away, only to have her laughing again.

When everything was said and done, he waited till she was ready to leave and then walked her to the door. And in all the moments they shared that evening, it was that serendipitous laugh captured in all his boyish charm that remained etched in her mind.

He was on point for the discursive essay they discussed that night.

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Pruning Trees

This has been on my mind for a while now, since I saw the tree outside my apartment undergo some major pruning. I had felt sad, but I guess there’s more to rejoice.

“What’s going on?” I cried, rushing out into the garden.

He had a ladder against a tree and was at the topmost rung, perched and holding a saw, gazing up into the leafy arms. On the ground lay several piles of leaf-sprouting branches.

He saw me standing arms akimbo below and waved down at me, yelling, “I’m pruning the trees!”

“But why? They looked so beautiful with their crowns of green,” I pouted. “Now they look all ugly and bare!” I looked at the stumps of nothing against the bright blue skies and felt upset all over again.

“I feel like the trees have wasted all their efforts growing themselves out.”

“Yeah I know; they were glorious weren’t they?”

He came down from the ladder and stood beside me, looking up at the stumps too. “But pruning has way more benefits that outweigh this temporary ugliness.”

“Well yeah… I suppose…”

He glanced over at me sulking and laughed.

“Well, pruning helps to remove deadwood that hampers trees from growing to their best potential, and also helps to shape them and redirect their growth.”

He leaned the saw gently against the tree, then continued, gazing kindly at me.

“When they grow better, and in the right directions, they become healthier. At the same time, risks from falling branches are reduced while yield or quality of flowers and fruits are increased.”

“Yeah… I suppose you are right,” I replied grudgingly.

“That’s what you can look forward to. But it will take some time.” He patted me on the shoulder and winked. “But I assure you, it will be a magnificent sight to behold.”

And so I wait, for that magnificence to unfold.

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This Season –

Let the light shine in
Even darkest corners, and
The spirit of Christmas inspire
Peace, hope and happiness.

(Photo Location: Cape Santiago Lighthouse, New Taipei City, Taiwan)


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Words inspired by Peter Adewumi‘s post.

(Photo location: Vlissingen, The Netherlands)

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Sort of.😆

Writing is like jizzing;
When it comes it
Explodes uncontrollably
Torrential gushes of glory
Till orgasmic waves subside
With the last drop of poetry.

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A collaboration of like minds, a paradigm shift in perspective.

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Life is a marathon
With obstacles in place
Push on towards the finishing line
Hear the music, watch the
Banners fly, victorious at
The end of the race.

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The Guitarplayer

Inspired while bantering with guitarist in question, which message I would say is an extension of the original.
The Guitarplayer (Awl Scribe)
(Photograph courtesy of Joseph Black. Original quote: The Godfather)

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Sane Night

My thoughts are soft
Yet sleep doesn’t come
The mind is empty but
Full at once
What madness lies ahead
This sane still night
But before all that
A quick prose I write.

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Daily Prompt: Simply the Best

I suspect that I think best
In the most unlikely places;

Summoned back to my senses
While drifting into slumber
Only to frantically scribble
Those precious words ‘fore I forget

Or perched precariously
In the bathroom
And ideas and thoughts seem to
Flood in as trash floods out

Of course, on the commuters’ tube
And I’d whip out my mobile device
Quickly jot down my muses
Before they vanish out of sight.

PS: Today’s prompt was written at the table proper. 😉


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