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A Sky’s Breath Away

On the highway home, street lights that interspersed between trees and a couple of random imagery flashed by. A short prose that kept my wide-awake brain occupied.


One light
Illuminates the speeding freeway, musing

A thought
That flashed through my mind, of

One sky
Embracing our lives; in

This moment
We could be breathing the same night.


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Set Free

This was a time when I was experimenting with a more lyrical format to prose (with the hopes that one day I may be good enough to be set to music), so following from which will be several pieces in verse-chorus form.


Coursing down the highway
Been a pretty long ride
Only the wind for company
But that’s alright

Stopped by the station
To make a phone call
I knew she’d be waiting
I knew, just because

She and I were lovers
For ever and a day
We didn’t mean for it to happen
But it’d be no other way

She’s the one I’m destined for
And I’m the one for her
But love should not hurt so much
Whenever we’re together

Forget about me darlin’

Pretend it’s all a lie

I really don’t wanna hurt you

So I gotta say goodbye

We were never meant to be

Like the sky can’t touch the sea

So darlin’ though it breaks me

You’ll have to set me free

Over on the other end
Silence too loud to bear
But I knew what she was thinking
As though I was right there

She said my love it’s alright
If that’s what you must do
I don’t have to tell you what I feel
Cuz you know; I know you too

I know you still care darlin’

I know it’s not a lie

I don’t want you to leave me

Please don’t say goodbye

We were meant to be

Like the river to the sea

So darlin’ don’t forsake me

Cuz that can’t set me free

Now you’re going to leave
Don’t look back just turn and go
Take with you no memories
It’s easier to let go

But you know we’ll never
Really say goodbye
A part of me still lives in you
Though a part of me has died

I can’t forget you darlin’

And pretend it’s all a lie

I really don’t wanna leave you

It’s hard to say goodbye

There’s so much that we could be

But time made fools of you and me

So darlin’ please forgive me

I’ve got to set you free

So darlin’ please forgive me
I’ve got to set you free

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