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Eve of Christmas

Today is Christmas Eve. After running an errand I decided to pop by Grandma’s, since I had some time to spare.

A distance away from her apartment, the sole of my sandal gave way, but I managed to get there before it disintegrated further.

Entering the house, a familiar sense of comfort welcomed me. I placed the snacks on the table and removed my shoes, calling out to Grandma as she hobbled out from her room, smiling at me.

She had just the sticky solution to my predicament, bringing out her trusted Selleys that “glues everything fast”, passing me a tissue to clean off any that got on my hands.

While the mended sandal was weighed under the table for good measure, we sat down to have a meal together.

It was one of those precious afternoons that allowed us to spend some time together, just enjoying each other’s company. Over chicken rice and wantan mee, we chatted about family and daily trivias. I poured out – as always – bits of vexations and frustrations, feelings and emotions that I could never share with any other person. As always, she listened, empathized and at times advised. And as always, all burdens and weariness just comfortingly, magically disappear.

I shared with her the things I have done this whole year and my plans for the next – business plans, writing, teaching – and told her not to worry about me because I have my life all planned out (except for kids, which she has more or less come to terms with, that I am letting nature take its course). She patted me on my hand and told me she was happy to hear that.

We talked about how life, especially in her golden years, should not be spent worrying about her children or grandchildren at that, and that she must know that we love her very much.

It is probably the most beautiful Christmas Eve I’ve had.



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Comfort in this World

I woke today with the ache on the gum of my wisdom tooth from yesterday. Being a bit of a worrywart, I looked to my husband for some reassurance and got instead, a recount of how pus-filled gums rendered the extraction of his tooth.

Fat lot of good that did.

It all provided bouts of out-of-sorts feelings for the whole day, until I returned home to visit my family. When I got the chance, I confided to Grandma about my swollen achy gums, as I always do whenever I feel sad, worried or frustrated about something. Knowingly, like an experienced doctor, she replied that it is because my body is ‘heaty’, hence the surfacing of a kee pau (loosely translated to “tooth bag”). Her remedy is to rub salt or watermelon frost on the affected areas.

Hanging on to her words for dear life, I had to confirm her diagnosis further. I began to describe in greater detail the exact location of the pain and how it affects the whole mouth organ. Reassuringly, she repeated her kee pau verdict and recommended chrysanthemum tea,  made by steeping such dried blooms in hot water, to dispel the heat from my body. She then took out her own box of dried chrysanthemums and offered to give me some. Feeling safe and comforted once again, I told her I have them and that I would do as she said.

Of course, to quell my last bit of uneasiness, I had to ask her how long it would take for the swelling to go down.

Her simple answer is that it would gradually become better, without me even noticing it.

A little piece of advice for gum aches and life.


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