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The Bad Lettuce

Momma Rabbit went to her refrigerator. She wanted to cook a splendid dinner for the family. “Let’s see. I’ve a bunch of carrots, a head of lettuce and some grass hay. A fine dinner we’ll have today!” Momma Rabbit was pleased. She began cutting up the greens, thinking of the lovely dinner she was going to make.

Baby Rabbit came into the kitchen to see what Momma Rabbit was doing. “Shall I help you cut up the carrots, Momma?” Baby Rabbit asked. “Oh what a dear you are! Why don’t you sit by me and keep me company instead?” Momma Rabbit said. And so, Baby Rabbit sat and watched her mother busy herself around the kitchen.

When Momma Rabbit sliced through the lettuce, she had a horrid surprise. It was rotten at the core though it looked delightful outside! “Dearie me, how terribly unfortunate. To think it looked so pretty, but was rotten all along.” Momma Rabbit sighed. “Well I suppose I could use the good leaves and throw out the bad bits. Thank goodness some of it’s still alright else it would be such a pity.”

“But Momma, can’t we tell if it’s not good? I hate it when things turn out bad,” sniffed Baby Rabbit.

“Sadly we can’t. It’s all a matter of luck. When we get the good ones, we must be thankful. When we do get bad ones, we have two choices. We could save it if it wasn’t too bad. But if it was, we must not eat it because it will be bad for us.”

“We could use it to grow other greens instead! It could still be good for us,” Baby Rabbit squealed. “Yes we could,” Momma Rabbit smiled. “So nothing is really that bad in the end.”

Momma Rabbit and Baby Rabbit smiled at each other. It was a splendid dinner after all I’ll bet.


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