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Featuring quotes from Oscar Wilde and The Saint.

For every saint has a past
And every sinner a future
Here I am at the cross-
Roads, a traveller seeking truth;
My paths they dwindle and falter
But the light shall guide my steps
So give me chastity and give me
Constancy, but do not give it yet.

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Daily Prompt: Prophecy

Prophecies mayn’t be
As profound as we’re told
For the future simply reaps
What the present does sow.


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Daily Prompt: Future

Future uncertain
Through worldly eyes, but believe
Love’s vict’ry is nigh.


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Daily Prompt: Rusty Awl and Old Scribe

Welcome to the space
Where I scribble think write
Come on in and
Sit yourself tight

Now you may have noticed
Pieces of writing an extra few
To be exact, three thousand
Four hundred and two

Do please browse the tabs
And categories by the side
They help to navigate
Through my piles of joy and pride

If you’d like more substance, check
Those publications on the list
Feed this ever-hungry writer
With your encouragement please.



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