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Daily Prompt: Elixir

The elixir of immortality is
Sought by the wealthy and plenty
Yet lies unbeknownst to most, that
It may only be discovered by
The pure of heart and
The bearers of truth.


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I just wanna walk with
You, my hand nestled around
The crook of your arm, the
Cold evening breeze chaperones
Peaceful, along the boulevard;
You laughed to something that I
Said, and I did too, for the
Joy your presence made;
Stay this moment and we’ll
Never be closer, yet never too
Far, from now to forever.

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Daily Prompt: Maddening

And what a lovely vision I had today.

One day, love, we’ll be
Far away from maddening crowds
Sitting close by in
Our living room, as the sun sets
Golden ochre hues
Washing over us, as we sip
Our coffees, and turn
To marvel the beauty in such
Quiet, blissful peace.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Infinite

Well I’m not a great photographer but I think I might be able to handle the photo challenge this time. Had the opportunity to be at the wedding of a lovely friend today (congrats to Fi and her Barney!), and managed to get a zoomed-in far-shot from where I was; slightly pixelated but it’ll have to do.

As she began to tear with overwhelmed emotions at the altar with her new husband, it occurred to me that perhaps one of the greatest mysteries is a love that has the ability to transcend all humanly spaces, situations, barriers and obstacles to ultimately triumph, if we have the strength and belief to allow it to.

Love – that which is spaceless and timeless – must be the answer after all.



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