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Daily Prompt: Sated

I cubed, he chopped
For a dish to be invented
Uncharted culinary territories
With the spatula I braved;
Then I conquered to my
Amazement, the dish turned out
Perfect, to feed our hunger
And sate our palate.

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Simmer then both
Of us, on a hotplate
A dash of reckless and
Pinch of sultry to taste
Scoop me up in
Your inviting arms
Toss us together in
Bed to keep warm.  

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Red on Black

Tangy red meets
Tarty black
Makes for sensual
Sensory intercourse
Within a palate.  

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An innocent thought
Turns wilful until its whims
Are satiated.

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Ode To The Dinner

Chicken’s not avail right now
The good prata men said
Would I wait thirty minutes or
Take mutton instead

It was getting pretty late, and
I couldn’t sit around to wait
So though it was chicken I wanted
I took mutton instead

Surely there’s a reason why
There’s no chicken right now today;
Mutton’s been patiently waiting
To be savoured too all day.


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Daily Prompt: Food for the Soul (and the Stomach)

Freshly battered deep fried
Fillet of fish
Succulently juicy with a
Spritz of lemon zing

Else I could live on
Lightly crispy waffles
Soft and slightly chewy topped with
Strawberries and cream

Round it up with dessert
My favourite lava cake
And a sip of red wine eclectic
But simply perfect!



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