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Everred – The Journey II (Excerpt)

She had raised her hand slowly, and the boy looked in her direction. For a moment, their eyes met and she had a strange feeling that she had never been able to quite describe, even after all these years. Not that she was one to tell anyone but even to herself, it was quite impossible to define it.

He walked steadily towards her, his eyes never leaving her face, and she blushed. He reached the empty table beside her, lowered his schoolbag onto the ground with a firm thud, then pulled out the chair beside her and sat in it, pulling himself towards the table as he did. She had glanced at him curiously as he did in the same instance, grinning at her.

“Hey, nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you too.”

“Will you take me around a bit during lunch? Mum showed me around the school, but I thought you’d know where the play areas are.”

“…Um, okay… I suppose.”

She hesitated a little, then looked out of the window, thinking about where to bring him at lunch when a figure walking outside cast a shadow on her. She looked up at the stranger – a lady – meeting her eyes, and was startled, for they were shrouded in the same pensiveness as hers. The lady looked slightly surprised but walked away, just in time for the lunch bell to sound.

“Let’s go!” He was grinning at her, forcing her to return his smile with a slight one. Taking her lunchbox, she ran out with the new boy amidst the chattering of the class.

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First Sight

One day, my love
You’ll walk through those
Secure glass doors
As I strain to catch a first
Sight, breath bated
Of you in my life.

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Daily Prompt: First Sight

Wow, I just recently began a short story with something like today’s prompt. Here is the excerpt that describes it below. Click here to read the whole of part one, which leads to part two. All suggestions for part three are most welcome as my muse chose to depart at that point. 😉

Unbelievable resonance.

That was the first thought that came to my mind. I could feel my hair stand on my arms and neck and the thrill down my spine as he continued his repertoire on the stage with his band mates. It was the first time I paid attention to them, and the first time I heard that song.

It was the first time I heard him.

And how his voice penetrated the depths of my soul. It was deep as the sea, yet unpretentiously gentle as the morning sun. It killed as instantly as it revived. And there he stood, unaware of it all, a faint smile curled around his lips as he wiped across his brow with the back of a checkered sleeve while the crowd screamed for more.

He was confident and he had swag, yet somehow, there was an untouchable core – carefully concealed, recoiled and brooding. A strange surge of emotion rushed through my veins and I stopped for a moment to ponder what it was, then quickly brushed it aside. I had to speak with him.


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