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Daily Prompt: Treat

It’s sort of like
Working hard the whole day
Getting home all tired and
Opening the door to

Lovely peace.


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Daily Prompt: Edible

Sitting unassuming and
Innocent, lusciously warmed and
Oozing intensity, complemented by
Iced creamy richness –
Perfectly delectable.


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Daily Prompt: Perfume

Your scent on my skin
Undeniably my most
Delicious perfume.


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Waffles & Ice Cream

Feeling a tad cheeky today. 😉

Got me some mogambo
Passion brewing in a cup
Crisp waffles lay melting, with
Creamy milk-ice on top
I like my afternoons relaxed
All quiet and chill, but
It’d be awesome right now to
Be your iced cream I feel.


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The Stars Are All I See

It has been an exceptionally painful year of more passings than I’ve known.
A reminder of that one Japanese song I love birthed a prose.

For those who have lost, grieve so you may find strength.
我は行く さらば昴よ!

I cannot grieve
For this sorrow in my heart
That no words can express

I cannot grieve
For I am dead to the world
Though the pain still lives

I cannot grieve
For I walk this path
That I must go alone

I cannot grieve
For though the skies are dark
The stars are all I see.

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Swept Away

Contemplative Sunday
Nature, vast in peace
An embrace then swept away
With the passing winds.


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Daily Prompt: Food for the Soul (and the Stomach)

Freshly battered deep fried
Fillet of fish
Succulently juicy with a
Spritz of lemon zing

Else I could live on
Lightly crispy waffles
Soft and slightly chewy topped with
Strawberries and cream

Round it up with dessert
My favourite lava cake
And a sip of red wine eclectic
But simply perfect!



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