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The Shower

He lay on his side in the bed, upper torso almost naked, wrapped in the sheets, scrolling on his phone. Straightening herself from unpacking, she walked over to where he was.

“I’ll go take a shower first.”

In response, he reached out and pulled her into bed and his arms. She gasped as she landed in his encircling warmth.

“I haven’t showered in a day… that’s unacceptable… I need to take a shower.”

“Okay… go shower.”

He loosened his embrace and for a moment she was uncaged. She remained where she was, gazing into his face, and his lips, corners curled in a slight smile.

Then, she leaned over and kissed him on his mouth, feeling the soft bristles above his upper lip as his tongue met hers and his lower lip, full against hers.

His arms came around her again as he smiled at her surprised gasp.

“You’ve had your chance.”

And then they were inseparable.

His arms were around her, maybe hers around him then… were his lips on hers or did they rove down her neck? She might have trailed her moist tongue down his chest, breathing warmth as she went…

Like each time in the past, she could not remember.

All she remembered that afternoon was the window was all along open, behind the facade of white curtains. And she blushed when he teased her about how everyone would have heard.

She could not remember.
But she would not forget.

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The Bachata – Part Two

She stood before him and he caught the scent of her perfume in her hair. Leaning in with his lips close at her ear, he spoke in a low voice.

“Do you know that you are the most beautiful here?”

“What do you mean?”

She could feel her face flushing and his intent gaze on her.

“Simply that you are the most interesting, elegant and beautiful woman.”

“Do you want to dance with me now?”

Before she could answer, he had taken her hand in his and wrapped his other arm around her waist. Still blushing, she draped hers around his neck. An upbeat percussion rhythm began and the musicians took the cue.

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Daily Prompt: Messy

Your fingers all tangled in
My hair, your breath strewn
Wild thoughts in my mind;
Your tongue a taste of
Convoluted lust, and you a
Sweet mess, the torrential kind.


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Daily Prompt: Evoke

All he takes, a
Breath of whisper, to
Evoke the beast, beneath
Her angelic face.

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Train Ride

He checked her out.

Letting his eyes run down the contours of her body slowly and back up.

She knew.

Forced into his full view by the crowd, she had noticed him the minute he glanced up.

The crowd alighted.

A space appeared right between them, stark naked.

New crowd entered.

That space was almost immediately taken, somewhat a relief.

He turned on his tablet and she took in the scene of clinical oblivion, glued commuters and their beloved screens.

As the train pulled in, their eyes met. She gave him a slight smile. He returned it.

Then he rose.

Pushing through, he came towards her.

As he passed, the air between them was all over each other, tangled and desirous, raw and sexual.

He thrusted, harder and urgent; she clawed with the whites of her eyes, gasping, rhythmic.

Then he was gone.

The train picked up speed.

She smiled to herself.


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No Neighbours

Remember me this way.

You look up at me, your lips
Parting in silent gasp
Your eyes subtly glazed with
A hint of euphoria –
Your body it moves to the
Rhythm of mine
Your hands, unhurried
Surely, they must know me

Pull me down to your core
Then whisper as I bite my lip –
I have no neighbours
So I may finally arrive, crashing
Deafening waves of sweet release.


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Daily Prompt: Anticipate

Time seemed to have stilled and
Rendered them motionless, except
Her quickened breathing and
Pounding heart; she could feel
His gaze on her, and she hung

Half fearful

Half yearning

On it.


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Touch the tips of my desire
And taste them with his lips
I’ll let him take me anywhere
With his hands upon my hips.

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The night breeze in
The moonlight and you
Walk towards me
I reach out to you
Breathe a little

I whisper in your
Ear, the things I meant
To say; they send shivers
Down your skin to my
Lips as I taste you
Come a little

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The flames dance slow
On white-cold embers
Night grows still in
Thick brooding silence

Your eyes, they delve
To the depths of my soul
Bathed in stark darkness
What despair unknown

I will not back away
For such a magnificent sight
Will never come again
From this glorious night

Your warm breath caresses
The skin on my neck
As my fingers trace
The curves of your back

I pull you closer with
My lips against your ear
Tremulous, sighs summon
Inner beasts of desire

You look up at me with
Terror in your eyes, yet
Implore sweet salvation
As I take you tonight

It’s too late to run
From this suffocating mire
But dance with me, my love
In pure iridescent fire.

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