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Fell wide awake at
Six-o-nine a.m.; were you
Thinking of me now.

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Daily Prompt: The Golden Hour

The last stillness
Of the night broken
Lonely, the first bird
Chirps for her companions
Soon darkness will
Lift her velvet veil
To peek at his first lights
The morning sun.


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Woke up quite suddenly one dawn and found myself very much aware of the morning. Dedicated to the one I love.

I woke to the daybreak
The curtains caressing the wind
Peaceful, the acute morning
But night lingers still.

Turning, I watched you
Gently asleep.
Sprawled in deep slumber
Your hand protectively flung, was
Quiet strength in the night.

I saw you;
Dark tousled hair
Long lashes against your cheeks
You were a child again.

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