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Daily Prompt: But No Cigar

The writer’s devil called
One day to invite
Me down for a chat
And an offer in sight

They asked me to present
All the things I’d writ
They liked my stuff
And wanted me in

They’d pay me a nice sal
But there was a price
For the name and the fame
The writer’s soul I’d sacrifice

Looking back on retrospect
It would’ve been nice
To have my name printed on cards
But nothing would be my right

I guess I was lucky
To have the chance to balk
Now my words are free
For my passions to a fault.


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Daily Prompt: Close Call

I’ve been closely shaved –

Stepping off the pavement
As a car zips by my toes
Sidestep a little crawling snail
Leaving a trail as it goes
Duck quickly under the tables
Before the cockroach lands
Dodge that flying frisbee before
It knocks me into the sand!


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