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This song brings back so much memories, that it is time to let them go. Inspired by its lyrics, partly woven in.

So lay me down
Awake, no sound
And I dream about you
These thoughts they play
Those memories we made
Yet are no longer found

Bring me back now
To that moment when
You cast your eyes on me
And I’ll set you free
Let you go, for it was all
That is meant to be.

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Hopping into Puddles

Chicane’s Poppiholla led me to its origins – Icelandic band Sigur Rós‘s Hoppípolla. Somehow this video always makes me cry :’)

Oh put on your galoshes
Over sock-warmed toes
Gather us all chums
Round the town we’ll go

We’ll knock on doors and run
Steal pears when they don’t see
Pick a fight to bloody my nose
Kiss me under that old tree

Oh give me a heart
Carefree as a reckless child’s
Tho’ our flesh grows old
Our souls shall remain wild.

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