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The Human Race

She asked me, with a
Chirpy smile if I was going to
Get the latest mobile phone, not
Unlike the rest of them enquiring of
Other material goals and milestones
That signify a successful life.

Or do they?

Don’t get me wrong, there’s
Nothing wrong with seeking still
Greater gratifications, for
Life is already such a tedious chore
That surely a little indulgence –
Perhaps two – would lend meaning.

Or do they?

I tarried to explain that I already
Own the greatest treasure
One could ever have –
A soul unshackled by carrots of
The human race, living by its calling
Past the end of human days

So I just smiled and replied that
I have not that need, and pray one
Day, that their burdens be light
And their yoke easy.

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Words inspired by Peter Adewumi‘s post.

(Photo location: Vlissingen, The Netherlands)

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All my life, it has been you.
No I don’t mean just
These transient passings
From one presence to another;
But the eternality of it
For a higher purpose
However hysterical
That we must now find
And discover.

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Soldier II

Poised and armed, it is here I stand
A soldier awaits his time to strike when
My sword is sharpened and time is nigh
When they come for the kill victory shall be mine

Though I am but a mere fighter
I go forth with a greater cause
That magnitude in the eyes of men are
Unimportant in higher calls

So will you stand with me my brethren
And flank us at our sides
Onwards to where we’re meant to go
Till we go home at morning’s light.

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