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I Want To Know You

I want to know you –
Your typical morning habits
What you totally hate eating
What you actually mean when
You don’t say a word, or do
Little things that often go
Unnoticed, except when time
Stands still, but time is
Never on our side, so
Before it’s too late
I want to know you.

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First Sight

One day, my love
You’ll walk through those
Secure glass doors
As I strain to catch a first
Sight, breath bated
Of you in my life.

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The flames dance slow
On white-cold embers
Night grows still in
Thick brooding silence

Your eyes, they delve
To the depths of my soul
Bathed in stark darkness
What despair unknown

I will not back away
For such a magnificent sight
Will never come again
From this glorious night

Your warm breath caresses
The skin on my neck
As my fingers trace
The curves of your back

I pull you closer with
My lips against your ear
Tremulous, sighs summon
Inner beasts of desire

You look up at me with
Terror in your eyes, yet
Implore sweet salvation
As I take you tonight

It’s too late to run
From this suffocating mire
But dance with me, my love
In pure iridescent fire.

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Keep It That Way

My take on BigBang’s latest tune. 🙂

While the days still seem brighter
With each text you write
While my heartbeat still quickens
At the sound of your voice
Let’s just keep it that way

While I still can’t contain this feeling
Grinning like a fool
While I still blush at your gestures
Breaking all the rules
Let’s just keep it that way

While we still enjoy our company
On a road that hadn’t gone far
While we’re still imperfectly flawless
Exactly the way we are
Let’s just keep it that way

While feelings still tether between
Rationality and wild passion
While some things still are the same
Though some beg to be different
Let’s just keep it that way.

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Sonnet 116

Tell me that you love me
My pretty and my sweet
Let me hear those words again
Then I may place my lips on yours
And hear your sighs refrain

I love you, you know I do
My darling and my dear
You can see it in my eyes
What I give I give no other
The truth could never lie

Then show me that you love me
My beauty and my gem
You know I never beguile
For all the times and moments spent
Make it all worth while

You can take my heart and soul
My adored and my love
And every thread of my life
As long as I am in your arms
That’s all I need, suffice

Stay us like this forever
My lovely and my pride
Until the ends of time
I’ll always be your utmost prize
And apple of your eye.

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Act Three: Somewhere In Time

Twenty-eighth March. With a wry smile, she thought about all those twenty-something entries in her journals that meant something. Just as she thought everything has subsided, they take her on that devastating journey one more time.

Just once more tonight.

That evening, he had invited her to watch an old travel-back-time movie that was screening on the English channel together over the phone. She turned off the lights in her living room, switched on the television and dialed his number.

“Is it you?”


She froze. Weren’t those the exact words they exchanged the first time they met? Richard and Elise, the writer and the actress, she and he.

“Did you hear that?…” he sounded just as amazed as she was. A mystery that went unexplained while the plot spent itself into a poignant ending, telling the story of a love that changed their lives, both of them gripped in intense silence till the last moment that it ended.

Like the protagonists, she was consumed in his presence. It was terrifyingly intoxicating and there was nothing else she wanted, and nothing else she could do except to want him.

It was just another evening, chatting over the phone again, but that night his tone was more brooding than usual. He was calm, yet the silence was deafening.

“I told him, I tried. But he doesn’t want to let me go.” The situation was not on her side, and she was confused and troubled. She needed a kind word, but he was in no state to give her it.

“I cannot be with you like this… do you know what I feel every time you leave me to go to him? I want you in my life completely, or not at all. Can’t you see? I need you here with me!”

She could almost see his pained expression and touch his despair. But she too had no words that could comfort him.

Twenty-eighth March. Her fingers pressed the dials on her phone and she placed the receiver to her ear as the familiar dial tones repeated themselves. She waited.


One word, and a tremendous surge of peace washed over her tormented mind, soothing her aching heart. He sounded so reassuring that for a while, she forgot their predicament as they chatted about school and other trivia. But as they started making plans to meet over the next couple of days, she grew hesitant, brought back to the reality of her compromised situation. And he, sensing it, became brooding too. Then it happened, so suddenly. Without warning, their conversation took a turn for the worst.

“I know you are not in the position to decide… so I will do it for you.”

“I will do it because I cannot bear seeing you in this state over me, over us. It will be for the better.”

That quiet afternoon, behind closed doors, she hung onto the receiver, too overwhelmed in shock and pain that sent her reeling to say anything. And for what seemed like a very long while, not a word they uttered. Only the silent wrecking sobs that shook her body and the taste of hot new tears that could not stop. She knew he was silently crying, but she could not dry his tears any better than he could hers. There was no turning back. He had decided for the two of them.

Quietly, he hung up. It was but a quiet Saturday afternoon in March.

Long after, the dull pain that would surface on all those twenty-somethings each year always served as fresh reminders of how inept she was at fighting for the one to whom she truly belonged, and how helplessly she allowed the course of her life to be changed by him.

Yet, it was but the one time she tasted true love, so pure and devastating, in all its bittersweet glory.

– End of Act Three –

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Speak To Me Love

All of a sudden one day, I recalled a particular poem written by a good friend long ago, which had touched me then with its bittersweet message. I asked the original writer for permission to expand it into lyrical form, and here it is with its original title.

Speak to me, love, you never do
Aren’t all these flowers lovely, all pink, yellow and blue?
But I know too clearly what you always do
Just read your papers sipping my brew

Flowers will wither and looks will fade

Everything around us changes

Your silence remains the same

Maybe you don’t ever notice

But still I’ll be here

And perhaps one day you’ll say

Those words I long to hear

Every night as we lie together side by side
How it makes me so sad, you never realise
For you love me dear, but you never speak
Silent tears I swallow as I secretly weep

Dawn turns to dusk and night becomes day

Everything around us changes

Your silence remains the same

Maybe you don’t ever notice

But still I’ll be here

And perhaps one day you’ll say

Those words I long to hear

Softly she sighs and sits herself down
Filling his cup with her dark brew
Then with trembling hands she slowly place
The fresh flowers at his tomb

You don’t read your papers now, nor do you drink my brew

And you’ve been so fast asleep

These twelve years and always will

Now you won’t ever notice

But you know I’ll always be here

Maybe one day you’ll finally say

Those words I could not hear

Then perhaps one day you’ll finally say
The words I long to hear

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