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Weekly Photo Challenge: The Hue of You

This photo was taken on one of the leisurely quiet afternoons I get to enjoy sometimes when I take a break from my work. Armed with my favourite dark chocolate cupcake back at my ‘workstation’, I thought the bright rays from the windows would create a nice touch so I whipped out my phone to snap a shot.

Complemented by the light brown fabric of the seater, the dark chocolatey brown of the cupcake – sitting pretty on an off-white dish – strikes a nice contrast against the lush greenery outside my windows, from where the sun comes in too. The coincidental purple flare from my iphone aptly lends a rather whimsical touch to the earthy combinations, all of which speak quite well of my tranquil feelings on such near-perfect days.

For Photo Challenge


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Daily Prompt: Can’t Get Enough When I’m With You

Ahh addictions. Sly little devils that tempt and seduce one to sink in more and more, that is sometimes so bad yet feels so good.

Have always been and still am, to coffee, dark chocolate, words and writing. My addiction to the latter, an old song and the late night (actually early morning) downpour got this out of me.

Awl and Scribe

I watched the faint smile on her lips, her breath heaving and lowering her body gently as she slept beside me. Warmth radiated from her waist to where my arm encircled it and I could smell the faint sweetness in her hair.

It was just another usual night tonight, with her and our two beautiful kids –  coming home from work, reading a bit of current affairs, her getting dinner while I got the monkeys. Dinner, homework check, tucking in and bedtime stories, then a couple glasses of red.

On the way to visit a client this afternoon, the classics station was crooning some good old love songs when a particularly familiar one began to play.

I remember that one. It was our song.

It must have been more than ten years ago. Still a restless buck on a wager with a couple of friends, who didn’t think I…

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