On Math, Variables And Constants

He sidled up from behind and peered over my shoulder as I busily scribbled at my desk.

“You are doing Math?”

“You gave me a fright. Yes, I am. Why?”

His grin quickly changed into a look of seriousness when I turned around with a scrutiny of evaluation. He let out a cough at my gaze of suspicion before continuing.

“Well. ‘Y’ is indeed the question.”

“Ehm.. why?”

It was starting to feel like we were pulling neverending puns on each other.

“You know how there are variables in Math equations, represented by letters like ‘y’ and ‘x’ and et cetera?”

“Uh… yeah…?”

“And how usually the value of ‘y’ changes with the value of ‘x’ or vice versa?”

“Umm, yea?”

Was it going to be a revision of calculus? He let out a chortle, as if reading my thoughts at that moment.

“Now, you would say these variables are affected by each other, won’t you? In whatever way they are related.“

“Yes, that’s correct.”

“Now, consider the constant in a relation, sometimes abbreviated endearingly as ‘c’. It is an important part of it, but yet it remains unchanged, regardless what happens to either or both variables.”

“Yes, that’s right.”

I was getting more and more perplexed. He must have noticed, and thus let out a reassuring grin before continuing.

“So, assuming both the variable and the constant in a relationship could take on positive values only. The variable could still result in a negative result, but the constant always positively amplifies the outcome. That right?”

He continued, looking at me, still smiling.

“My Math question for you today is: assuming you are a positive value. Would you choose to be a variable, subjected to the fluctuations of other variables, or would you choose to be an unwavering constant?”

He gave me a bright grin, then sauntered away, whistling.

I think I know my answer.


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14 responses to “On Math, Variables And Constants

  1. Cunning. Am I correct in assuming the prompt word “Stable” is inferred as the stability of the mathematical constant? I found this quite amusing in the application of pun potential and, of course, an eccentric teacher I once had in days of yore. Also ran as town mayor too…tutored English though rather than math….although this is irrelevant to a treatise on math!

    Nicely done too and I will pop over to add your link to the entry post.

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    • Indeed, the adjective ‘stable’ is implied by the incumbent in this text. It all started when I was thinking of the concept of constancy, which led to the opposing variability, then almost immediately they decided to make an appearance together in a mathematical relationship, and then the rest of the text came. 🙂 Thank you very much for the add! I look forward to participating in more upcoming prompts.
      (I am currently a tutor for English as well.)

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      • Often fascinating to see how random thoughts condense into an unexpected cohesion. More so if it lends itself to a prompt that can be used indirectly. Kudos on the tutor subject too. My son is looking at English with creative writing as a degree subject when he finishes sixth form. Oh to be back at uni myself!

        Prompts come out in the first week of each month. First on the BlogBattle site on the Tuesday and then again on mine on the Thursday. I’ll be Tweeting entries over the weekend too to ensure contributors get a shout out.

        Looking forward to seeing more of yours too!

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      • I would jokingly tell friends that writing is like ahem.. a good orgasmic explosion most times. It builds up and then bursts forth in all its wonderful glory. English with creative writing as a course of study sounds absolutely delightful! I had the pleasure of undertaking a course in applied linguistics and yes I agree varsity days are the best. All the best to your son and I’m sure he will enjoy the academic journey. I am very much looking forward to being inspired by future prompts – finally more reason to write more regularly again. 🙂

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      • Not a bad metaphoric reasoning upon matters writing! Agreed too, I’m somewhat envious of his choice too. My path was science back in the day and it’s only recently that writing decided to make an appearance. I do agree prompts are good ways to add value to writing too. I use them to expand backstory or test ideas. Of late it’s become a reason to write too. I’m often out of phase with the writing process so do need something to keep the gears moving.

        Looking forward to the next piece too… it’s quite an interesting prompt word as it happens. Not that my own grey matter has taken advantage of insider knowledge yet and come up with something!!

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      • Ah! Mine was economics for my first degree but I think, we are always steered back onto the paths we were meant to be all along. 🙂

        I myself tried other platforms of publishing but I feel most comfortable with the community in WordPress – here’s where I can make good conversations as I am having with you right now and get to know fellow wordsmiths so much more through their works.

        That being said, I must definitely check out some of your other works soon!

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      • Somehow I do feel writing should have been the calling all along! However, as you rightly point out, it appears curve balls get thrown in to ensure the right path is found.

        I do agree with the community thing too. It’s one thing that still amazes me really. Conversations from all over the globe. Not a jot of politico mumbo jumbo either. Then there’s also linking up with authors (published or not). Getting to know them and exchange ideas or tips, hold random conversations and get support or a push to get writing if it stalls.

        My own blog is pending a new theme. The one I use at present was the one I started with. It’s not really presenting things as they need to be. Methinks a project while schools out.

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      • I too have a similar issue with my blogs re presentation. I guess that makes two of us on a revamp mission when term break comes. 🙂

        Also, I had people asking if I have considered publishing some of my content, but the thing is, I have never thought any of my ramblings to be even remotely publishable. So, it’s something I also need to contemplate properly when I get some time.

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      • Definitely! More so as I too should be tackling publishing so the lead into that should be making social media a bit more aesthetic and easier to navigate. Thus far I do have a few manuscripts in something of a slush pile. This goes back to blog navigation too. I have quite a few snippets that now lie buried and ought to be set as featured posts on a landing page. Time though…always time!

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      • Indeed! Time is always not enough I feel. 🙂 It would be luxurious to get away alone at a quiet spot for a few days just to write!

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      • I think a few days would just see me unwinding away from the buzz of everyday life a pace. Then a few more to write in peace and quiet with no interruptions…maybe a forest cabin overlooking a small lake…ahh I can picture it now 🙃

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      • Sounds lovely! 😀

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  2. That was a very unique take on the prompt! Way to think outside the box!

    The piece asks a very deep question, too. I have a feeling I’ll be pondering my answer for a while.

    I also really liked the cheeky, playful nature of the character asking the questions. Very well written!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Joshua! Thank you for stopping by and for liking the piece – you just made my day and inspired me to write like this more. Thank you so much again! 🙂


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