Armour Of Death

My muse it calls and I shall heed,
A prose it sings, to write and bleed.

You told me to bring
Me back, but can’t you see
You’re connected to me;
I can’t return when you’re
Not back, my heart is dead
Though it might resurrect;
For now it lies, protected
Beneath the armour of death
Perhaps one day it’ll live
May it come sooner yet.


Filed under emotions, faith, feelings, love, poetry, writing

4 responses to “Armour Of Death

  1. I cant stop thinking about those first two lines and they are sending chills down my spine because for days I have been thinking my muse is dead because I haven’t been able to write. But now I’m thinking it’s just waiting for me to listen.
    Excellent piece!

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  2. Serendipitous Web Life. : )


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