Daily Prompt: Fierce

You deserve
The brightest stars
The clearest skies
The wildest love
Of the fiercest kinds.


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6 responses to “Daily Prompt: Fierce

  1. justuscreek

    I really like your poem, the rhythm that you set up … “the brightest stars,” “the clearest skies,” “the wildest love,” the symmetry is great, and up to this point everything sounds pleasant. And then the last line is really the best for me — “of the fiercest kinds” — powerful, especially the word “fiercest” itself, really strong, the sound of the word is great, and it’s in such contrast with the “bright” and “clear” and even “wild.” It really opens the poem up to a lot of questions — is “fiercest” a good thing? or is it meant as a kind of snarl? Probably not, but I’m not sure. And why does the person “deserve” this? Great job! https://justuscreek.com

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    • Wow! Thank you for reading and liking my poetry 😀 well, I realised my writings tend to reach out yet leave readers to their own interpretations or resonance with their personal experiences. 🙂 But if you’d like my take on it I could let you in on it. Thank you so much again – you made my day so much!

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      • justuscreek

        Of course I’d like (love) to hear your take on what you’ve written!

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      • Well, to me, real love goes way beyond the aesthetics to encompassing even the worst of someone, the worst days, the worst situations, yet remain strong and steadfast in its unconditionality, to an extent that it’s “wild” and “fierce” enough to withstand adversity, together with an element of being protective for the latter. The person who deserves such a kind of love must then be someone who is being loved dearly and very much as unconditionally as humanly possible. 🙂

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      • justuscreek

        I like that! I think you’re saying that love, real love, HAS to be fierce and wild, that it can only survive the toughest of times if it has those qualities.

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      • Well… Sometimes, it is tested like that yes 🙂 that someone is going through a rough patch and I’m basically trying to go fierce and wild at the moment hahaha! 😀

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