Everred – The Journey I (Excerpt)

His eyes flickered and he looked up immediately. She smiled.

“Did you forget me already?”

Her eyes met his and his gaze softened momentarily as he took in the features of her face. She blushed and broke away. He grinned.

“Hey babe… it’s good to see you.”

“Awesome turnout here… almost gave up trying to get in.”

“Did you now,” he said, giving her a conspiratorial wink.

Something in that exchange gave her a strange, distant feeling; instinctively she retreated.

“Look, wait for me, I’ll be done in a while… we need to catch up. Same number?”

In reply, she took out her phone and held it out, then leaned closer towards him. He grinned and obliged. As she took the shot she whispered, “Yes.” Then, turning towards him, she returned his wink with a slight tilt of her head before picking up the signed album and walking away. He gazed out after her as she did, a slight smile on his face, then recomposed himself, bestowing the next waiting fan a nod and his signature smile.


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