Daily Prompt: Tourist

When I visit you
I’d take it leisurely and slow
Experience sights and sounds
Of places I want to know

Saunter through your winding
Memories, stopping by
A few quaint thoughts
Peck at servings of
Camaraderie, down desires
In potent shots

And so you will take me
To your most spectacular view
Then I would be complete
When I visit you.



Filed under emotions, feelings, friends, love, poetry, writing

4 responses to “Daily Prompt: Tourist

  1. your writings are always so brilliant, i am so amazed. The ones that i have read so far are so good, the emotion and the beautiful poetry, i feel blessed to have read your writings, thank you for posting the precious poems. 😀

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  2. iF I may ask, what or who is your inspiration ?

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    • Ahh I take inspiration from loved ones, friends and stories I read or hear about, and some are personal experiences 🙂 but I’d like to think my words are guided by a higher power.


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