Majulah Singapura

While everyone hypes and celebrates
Our nation’s fiftieth birthday
A collection of recollections I make
Gratuitous, a celebration my way:

When Singapore is mentioned
To overseas friends, a vision of
Cityscapes, clean and green
Strict fines, stricter policies
All for a harmonious society
Of togetherness and meritocracy

To some folks we may hardly seem
The ideal place to work or live
Where governance seems paternal, and
Some feel, a tad stifling

Yet I am thankful for:

The subsidized public housing
That fulfills our basic needs
The convenient connectivity our
Un-ideal transport system brings
Ever-changing education directions
Imperfect, but striving to achieve

Convenience of neighbourhood food courts
All cultural palates you’d imagine
Our strong defence forces ensuring
The safety of wee-hour streets
So I can contemplate and ponder
The paths towards my dreams

Sure we Singaporeans may very much
Be a complainy boring tech-gadgety bunch
But I suspect deep down inside
Love for our nation is very much alive

All these that our forefathers have built
Shall surely etch and never be forgot
So as we celebrate our golden jubilee
Onwards we go, to brighter futures and beyond.


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