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Daily Prompt: All It’s Cracked Up to Be

Happened quite a few times and the roller-coaster rush of emotion change always gives me a high.

When things fall in place
By the skin of the moment’s teeth
The saving grace it receives
That changes its fate
And anxiety, that
Wearisome feeling
In a lightning blink
Morphs into
Delightful glee.


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So sorry for deviating from the recent prompts but my mind has a mind of its own these few days it seems.

Sometimes it takes
One big circle of
Contemplation to realise
That the one purpose in
Each of our lives is simply to do
What we are meant to do
In each of our lives.


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One Minute

What can happen in one minute?

Arriving at a cash withdrawal machine this evening, I noticed the previous person did not remove his withdrawal receipt. Nonchalantly I pluck it off the slot and left it on the top of the machine.

Then I saw his cash at the cash slot, still waiting patiently to be taken.

There was no one when I got there, and it seemed passers-by did not see the cash. Or maybe it was too insignificant an amount to be worth the trouble.

But whoever forgot his money did not seem to have much left to live by, from what the figures on his withdrawal receipt tell, which I had hastily retrieved from the top of the machine to have another look.

His time was 21:36. Mine was 21:37.

Perhaps in another minute, the money would have been whisked away by someone else who thought it was his lucky day.

Well the bank has been contacted and the person’s withdrawal receipt has been forwarded to them (branches and phone banking are all down – only way is via email darn it.). Waiting now for the bank to tell me how to return this money to the owner. It may not be alot of money, but I think he needs it. And yep, it does feel good to be doing a good deed.

How did you spend one minute of your time today?


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Daily Prompt: The Outsiders

I thought I’d pass this
But giving in twists my fate
Back in from outside.


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Daily Prompt: Style Icon

I am boho vintage
And professional chic
Sometimes girlish charm
Else rocker black suede

Cherries and sweets
With spicy stir-fry
One moment it’s latte
Next, vodka on ice

Be still and contemplate
Or be a hurricane
Sometimes I’m an angel
But then I fall again.


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Daily Prompt: Roy G. Biv

The back of my hand brushed against my still-closed eyelids and I could feel them flicker and open. Pale, flimsy curtains framed the indigo-velvet sky; the last reluctant stars  lingered petulantly.

I took in a deep breath of the crisp blue air, then stretched out my arms only to be met by empty sheets, still warm from her presence. My senses awoke. Where’d she gone?

I sat up, feeling the breeze pass by my shoulder-blades, then stood up. I picked up my shirt from the chest-of-drawers and put it on, then stole out in the peaceful stillness of the unawakened morning. Feet bare and unsandaled, the rough wooden flooring felt comforting  as I wandered out quietly towards the seaside.

I thought I saw her in the distance, standing still in her billowy white sundress, her head tilted towards the lightening skies, now a plush violet. And I stood very still, and waited.

Soon, the skies faded to deep orange, as the red sun rose from its rest. Where it touched, everything seemed to be revived and dipped into full colours, and soon the lush green trees came into view against the golden-yellow backdrop.

And there she was, there and right beside me.

Beauty in all of nature’s hues.


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Daily Prompt: Simply the Best

I suspect that I think best
In the most unlikely places;

Summoned back to my senses
While drifting into slumber
Only to frantically scribble
Those precious words ‘fore I forget

Or perched precariously
In the bathroom
And ideas and thoughts seem to
Flood in as trash floods out

Of course, on the commuters’ tube
And I’d whip out my mobile device
Quickly jot down my muses
Before they vanish out of sight.

PS: Today’s prompt was written at the table proper. 😉


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