Daily Prompt: BYOB(ookworm)

I actually have the book in mind – and its draft – but no time to continue with it at the moment.

Well, maybe not the jacket blurb but part of the first bit… I hope. And soon. 😉

Those early mornings.

When the sky’s attempt to hold on to those last still moments of darkness are thwarted by the first hesitant call of the earliest bird. When the cool air envelops you in a thick blanket of dark velvety blue, providing an immense sense of comfort and assurance, and you know you are safe as you sleep. When I stirred and grew aware of all those, and of the towel wrapped around my child torso to keep me warm through the night, and of the sounds of running water and occasional clinks of ceramic mugs from the kitchen, just outside the bedroom I shared with my grandparents, as Grandma started her first chore for the day.


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  7. Maybe someday you will get it done since it seems you got most of the hard part competed. It sounds very interesting. http://www.kansamuse.me


    • Thank you very much for the kind words! It is meant to be a biography cum recipe book, sort of like “Like Water For Choc”. Hopefully I can get down to refining the draft. Am having problems getting the right tone for each section. 🙂 Maybe this year teehee.


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