Daily Prompt: Progress

If I reminisced one year ahead
I will hopefully see a wonderful myriad
Of posts, pictures, ramblings, thoughts
Composed all this time from my head

And then perhaps, pleasantly surprise
My readers with a publication or two
But for which I may need to be
On some bouts of hiatuses, you know

So to sidetrack, if you see
I’m not posting for a while or two or three
Don’t worry, because I’d be on track
With more things I created when I’m back! 😉


Filed under poetry, writing

9 responses to “Daily Prompt: Progress

  1. oh, I love how you managed to bring this prompt into such a beautiful and charming poem – I will be looking for your future posts – blessings!


    • Dear Claudia,

      Thank you so much for your encouraging comments! You have just inspired me further and I look forward to creating more poetry and writing that will hopefully be as pleasing to you. Cheers! 🙂


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