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Weekly Photo Challenge: One

Here’s a shot I captured on one of my trips into Malaysia.

It was a long ride in the evening to our destination, along one of the typical rural-like roads that link one town to another. Quaint little stalls would suddenly appear by the roadside, selling simple village snacks or fruit and vegetables grown by the sellers.

As I attempted this shot against the evening sky, I thought the whole picture would turn out blurry with the speed that our car was going, but the end-product is actually not too bad.



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Daily Prompt: By the Skin of Your Teeth

Dare I be cheeky
And say circumvention saved
Me from the attempt.


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Daily Prompt: Festivus for the Rest of Us

If I were king
I surely would decree
A holiday on my birthdate and
The next two weeks or three

We would start each day in reflection
Give thanks for the lives that we have
And honour each of our families
Expressing our love and respect

Next some festivity and fun
With food and sweets and wine
A must-have for the occasion
Dark chocolate cake so divine

Kindness must also be shown
To the poor and the desolated
Bring comfort to those in the streets
With simple gestures and words

But more than the merry-making
Every one should take away
Rekindled values of humanity
To live our lives each day.


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Comfort in this World

I woke today with the ache on the gum of my wisdom tooth from yesterday. Being a bit of a worrywart, I looked to my husband for some reassurance and got instead, a recount of how pus-filled gums rendered the extraction of his tooth.

Fat lot of good that did.

It all provided bouts of out-of-sorts feelings for the whole day, until I returned home to visit my family. When I got the chance, I confided to Grandma about my swollen achy gums, as I always do whenever I feel sad, worried or frustrated about something. Knowingly, like an experienced doctor, she replied that it is because my body is ‘heaty’, hence the surfacing of a kee pau (loosely translated to “tooth bag”). Her remedy is to rub salt or watermelon frost on the affected areas.

Hanging on to her words for dear life, I had to confirm her diagnosis further. I began to describe in greater detail the exact location of the pain and how it affects the whole mouth organ. Reassuringly, she repeated her kee pau verdict and recommended chrysanthemum tea,  made by steeping such dried blooms in hot water, to dispel the heat from my body. She then took out her own box of dried chrysanthemums and offered to give me some. Feeling safe and comforted once again, I told her I have them and that I would do as she said.

Of course, to quell my last bit of uneasiness, I had to ask her how long it would take for the swelling to go down.

Her simple answer is that it would gradually become better, without me even noticing it.

A little piece of advice for gum aches and life.


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Resolutely for the Ride

As advised by a certain article on achieving our New Year Resolutions, one of the strategies suggested was to start early.

While I make these every year-end, I have taken the advice and started early, while my mind is contemplatively perceptive to my inner self tonight.

Though the items seem to be slightly different each year, the core items remain the same, with more and more, shall I call them peripherals dropping off as I get older.

It will surely be one of my most challengingly exciting year ahead and as always, I am looking forward to the unpredictable ride.


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Taking the train today
Glances fell on
The merriment of
Children playing
Traditional hand games
With much laughter and innocence
That by-standers
Lowered their defences
Of nonchalant guard
As a smile crept onto
Their faces, as though
They were children
Once more.

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Daily Prompt: My Precious

Just feel like keeping it short and sweet. After all I’ve been posting about Him lots. 🙂

That’s the same guy who
Is my Trusty Companion
Now and forever.


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