Daily Prompt: Out of Your Reach

As they always say, boys never grow up, so I guess it still kinda fits. 😉

The dance floor flashed in frenzy
A multicolored playground
Entered the smoky arena
Bodies sweating to the sounds

The jungle was poised and ready
An immaculately careless display
Sweet flesh amidst lethal venom
The hunter and the prey

Slinking into the midst of
Raucous laughter and side glances
The night was very young
And I was taking my chances

She came slowly towards me
Shadow of a blood-red smile
Her fingers clasped round my shoulders
As we danced together awhile

She leant to my ear and whispered
So whatcha lookin’ for tonight
Her eyes fluttered as I pulled her close
Her lips were next to mine

She laughed and pulled away
And planted a kiss on my lips
Then turned with a flick of her hair and
Bade goodbye with a victorious wink.



Filed under emotions, feelings, poetry

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