Daily Prompt: FAQ

I met Him a few times when I
Stayed away
I thought I had gone too far
To be back again

I asked why He wanted to
See me at all
He said He’s never been far
Whenever I took a fall

I asked if He saw all the
Wrong things I did
And how I felt the walk
Got tougher as it went

And how about those times
When I gave it all up,
It couldn’t have got any worse
When I felt so far from God

He said He knew all that
And the things I didn’t say
He never promised it’ll be easy
But will always provide a way

And He couldn’t tell me now
The things He has in store
But the things in my life
Had their reasons for sure

One piece of advice He
Gave before He went
Is never to lose my focus
Until the race’s end.



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