Daily Prompt: It Builds Character

Still a favourite read after all these years, and as with all good ones, brings with it new perspectives and lessons each time I revisit.

I raise my eyes to the distance
In the hot Wyoming afternoon
Tracing the dark leathered figure
On his ride of pounding hooves

When he stops this way again and smiles
In his gently dangerous way
I would ask him all the things I thought
The last time he went away

Why was he always moving on
Running from ghosts of his past
What made him hide his ivoried Colt
A deadly instrument of art

Teach me to keep my self-respect
Without cramming it down another’s throat
Courage is the choice to walk
Away with peace when provoked

Then show me the right way to love
A fellowman and his wife
Before you ride off into the day again
My hero and my pride.


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