Daily Prompt: Express Yourself

Whoa… sorry for the late post – was kept busy with the assignment. So, today is about the mismatch between thoughts and words.

What could be the barriers?

1. Being in-between nuances of that thing I am supposed to describe.

For example, maybe a client wants me to describe a certain dessert that’s not sugar-candy kinda sweet, but well kinda like a wafting, not too powering thing on the tongue etc. something that I have absolutely no gauge on the exactness of. In such a time, a good imagination with some projectile function comes in handy.

2. Not having a clear/precise visual image or voice in my head.

I think for me, it is important to have a visual image of the idea in my head before I begin writing. I think that I think in pictures. Even when creating voiceover scripts or corporate profiles etc stuff. And as I was just musing on my POVs, it is ALWAYS a male in my head *augh*.

3. Not enough sleep/coffee.

Right about after I finish this post I’m going to hit the sack, because I’ve been working on my course assignment the whole day and my grey cell count is down to zilch (and it’s too late in the night for a cuppa). Which probably explains why I am writing sans alot of descriptives that I am so used to using in my stuff.

I hope there are no errors here lol… here’s a song that kinda says how those barriers feel like. But as they say:
It’s just a moment
This time will pass 😉



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