Daily Prompt: The Goodbye I Never Said

Dear ex-colleagues,

It has been almost seven months since I left you guys and the teaching fraternity. The leap of faith after a few years’ careful contemplation, as some of you would know. Yet in a sense, I have never stopped teaching; on the contrary, I feel I am helping some kids more as a home tutor now.

I remember when I was a new teacher, grudgingly in it to ‘take a break’ from corporate life as recommended by the family. I was uncomfortable and awkward, but little did I know I was gradually being changed by the kids I taught. Yet just as I was beginning to enjoy teaching, they come and corporatize it with more roles and administrative responsibilities. How ironic to pluck something away just as one’s beginning to grow fond of it.

My choice to leave is a right one – the time I have on hand now is used in a manner that is more fulfilling and meaningful to me – to better myself in areas of interest, to immerse in my writing passions and to live life to the fullest, by my own standards.

There comes a time when 
Time is worth more than money –
Even if just to throw a starfish
Back into the sea.



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12 responses to “Daily Prompt: The Goodbye I Never Said

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  10. There comes a time where time is worth more than money, even if it’s just to throw back a starfish back into the sea… I found these lines very powerful! Thanks for sharing!


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